Hospital Hill Run

I wanted to post a few of our favorite photos from this year’s Hospital Hill Run.  For those who don’t know about the event, Hospital Hill Run is the oldest road race in Kansas City and the second oldest half marathon in the United States!  There are thousands of participants each year and it is so much fun to watch and photograph.

Crown Center –

Hospital Hill Run –

A School of Fish and a Big Red Dog!

We had the best time covering two great events this weekend at Crown Center.  KCPT joined forces with Crown Center to present Skate with Clifford!  Clifford the Big Red Dog took to the ice with a great turnout of kids who all had so much fun.

Then it was off to the Under the Sea Adventure!  If you haven’t been to this exhibit yet, it will be open until May 1st.  Kids get to explore through seaweed strewn caves, travel through the mouth of a whale, check out a pirates ship and a mermaids home, and even ride a dolphin.  There is a reading center with Under the Sea inspired books for them to read while they are there!

Skate with Clifford

Under the Sea Adventure

Crown Center –